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About Us

Hestengen Dressage is run by Lasse and Trude Kasparek Hestengen who are passionate about educating and working with dressage horses
We care about the horses wellbeing, which is also reflected at Tystoftegård, where we have tried to create the best possible conditions for both horse and rider.

Trude Kasparek Hestengen

I am 35 years old and originally I come from Norway. I have been riding at elite-level since I was riding ponies, and I have participated at five Nordic Championships and two European Championships as a pony, junior and young rider.

I have educated three horses to international Grand Prix level:
- Lope N
- Le Mont-H
- Tobajo Pik Disney

I had Disney, who was my best Grand Prix horse, since he was four years old, and educated him up to Grand Prix level myself. We have participated in the World Championship for Young Horses, Scandinavian Open in Falsterbo and the Danish young horse championships.
In 2014 we made our international breakthrough with bronze in the Nordic Championship, international GP-placings in Falsterbo, participation in WEG in France and World Cup-debut. In 2015 we got a silver medal in the Nordic Championship, placings in 4 and 5 star Grand Prix, participated in the European Championship in Aachen and reached a 58.place on the World Ranking.

I have worked with horses at Blue Hors in Denmark, and in California, USA, where I got good experience in handling stallions and riding young horses.

Lasse about Trude:
Many people would say that, training ones wife can cause problems, both on a personal level, and also professionally, but Trude is really good at keeping it separate and to receive my help in a professional way.
Her strong side is definitely, that she has the ability to both ride the young horses, but also to educate them to highest level in dressage
She is a good technical rider, and manage to get the horses to understand.
She tries everyday do be better and you can really feel that she is passionate about working with horses
I am a very proud husband and trainer

Lasse Kasparek Hestengen

I am 36 years old, and have been working with horses for 20 years. I have trained several pony-riders up to national elite-level with victories.

I teach everything from pony/young horse up to Grand Prix level, and I have been training my wife for six years and led her and Disney from medium level to Grand Prix.

In my training I focus on the riders position and seat and that the basics are in order. I also believe in individual solutions for each rider and horse

With the purchase of Tystoftegård, and the opportunities it gives, I am looking forward to get back in the saddle again myself.

Trude about Lasse
Lasse is a very versatile trainer, he can teach everything from young horse to Grand Prix, ponyriders as well as senior riders , and he is always committed and engaged. He is very good at explaining in an understandable way, and to use metaphors and examples, which helps the rider to better understand. Lasse is always positive and in a good mood. He always does his best to make horse and rider live up to their full potential